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How Wearing Nice Perfume Can Make You Look Better

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lady spraying perfumeA new study has found that the exact same woman tends to be rated more physically attractive when she is wearing a nice perfume as opposed to not wearing any. Does that mean that wearing a nice perfume can make one look more physically attractive? That is what researchers have concluded based on their studies. The reason behind that statement is that perceptions of physical beauty are irrational and emotionally driven.

However, while spraying on a sexy perfume might make a woman look and feel better, it is not a magic potion in that it will not make older women look younger nor will it make a younger woman look older or more mature. This list of the best perfumes for women, as voted by tens of thousands of users, show just how much of a difference using the right perfume can do for you. A pleasant fragrance might make one look more youthful, while an unpleasant perfume might make older and younger women look similar in age.

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