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Choosing Mattress Brands And How Important They Are

tuft-and-needleDespite all the latest changes and improvements implemented on foam and latex mattresses, they inevitably still feel hot when slept upon. Of course, compared to how it was a couple of years ago, they are apparently a lot cooler (and bigger) now. King size mattresses are no longer the sole choice of couples, but even single users who sleep by themselves prefer larger beds. For instance, the king size mattresses here are extremely popular in the U.S. Mattress manufacturers are also investing heavily in the process of manufacturing better and higher quality foams. Pioneers like Tuft & Needle, as an example, seem to be doing surprisingly well with their supposedly custom form of polyfoam that they’ve created from scratch.

Even bigger companies such as Foamcraft, which has been operating in the scenes for some 60 years, give or take, are going a step further with their full-foam mattress productions. A mattress that operates completely on foam, instead of the hybrid versions, is a lot more popular nowadays too. The demand is simply there. A typical memory foam mattress of 12 inch thickness will usually have an average of 4 layers, each of which occupies around 3 inches of space. Today, the most modern mattresses can have up to 10 layers.

Does this mean that they’re any better than a mattress with fewer layers in between? Not necessarily. Take a look at Tuft & Needle, as an instance. Their mattresses have been selling like hot cakes for the past few years and they don’t even use much fluff in their advertisements. Thus far, they only have 1 version of their foam mattress, which consists of only 2 layers. Both of which are made out of polyfoam, coincidentally.

hybrid mattress layersHybrid mattresses are a little more complicated in the sense that the combination has to be just right. You have foam hybrids that were very popular about 5 years ago and now you have latex hybrids. A hybrid mattress essentially mixes 2 or more different layers of materials like a pocket spring layer as its support base, and a foam layer at the top for comfort. While effective, users generally do not like the notion of having to compare multiple types of products, even more so when it comes to hybrid versions. It just becomes too confusing to try and differentiate and identify the advantages (or disadvantages, in this case) that each mattress has over another.

An effective way to choose your mattress would be to simply go for either a foam or spring mattress, if you’re not concerned with “saving the environment” (latex mattress) or if you’re not too picky (hybrid mattress). Don’t get me wrong here. Both the latter mattresses are perfectly fine but they also cost a lot more since the materials and workmanship required will be more as well. Nonetheless, after deciding on the mattress type, the next thing to look out for would be the brand. It wouldn’t be wise to go for a mattress brand that is unheard of because no matter how attractive the warranty is, the company probably wouldn’t last long enough for you to get your money back in the event a defect or something fundamentally wrong with the mattress is discovered. By then, it’ll be too late.

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