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Logitech voted as the creator of the best wireless mouse

razer mamba chroma mouseAbout a week ago, I was in the search for a mouse that could replace my SteelSeries Kinzu v2, which I’m still using at the moment. I’m rather indecisive when it comes to things like that and so I’ve asked for opinions from as many gamers as I could on what the best gaming mice are. I’ve found this site very informative in terms of the best wireless mouse when it comes to gaming. A lot of answers I got was kind of expected and most of them were recommendations of either Razer or Roccat mice. As much as I hate offending my readers, Razer products aren’t exactly reliable and I have personal experiences of that. I previously used a Razer Imperator (the 2012 edition), which performed really good and things seemed fine until it broke down 3 months after I bought it. Although I can imagine myself going hard at the mouse day and night, that shouldn’t be an excuse for making a failure of a product. The worst part of it all is that when I returned the Imperator under the warranty, the product shipped back to me was (I suspected) a used one because there were smudges on the surface, which looks like someone has been handling it for a while. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to wait another few weeks for another replacement so I stuck to it for a while.

After I got the SteelSeries Kinzu v2 because I heard a lot of good things about it, I still feel as if there’s something lacking in my gaming performance. First of all, the mouse was a little too big for my hands and my fingers could barely reach the end of the mouse buttons unless I pushed my grip forward but doing so would make it awkward for the back part of my palm. Also, the SteelSeries Kinzu doesn’t include any programmable buttons and that simply wasn’t good enough when I started getting myself into some MMOs like Tera Rising and Ragnarok Online 2. I needed more key binds for my skills and my keyboard was already full. I hate using modifiers like alt and shift btw. So, the only solution that made sense to me was to replace the keys with the buttons on the mouse instead. With that said, I needed a gaming mouse that not only fits the shape and size of my hands but had enough buttons to plough through most MMOs.

My first choice was the Logitech G600 MMO simply because it’s the only mouse that had been built specifically with MMO gaming in mind. The G600 could possibly be the best gaming mouse if it weren’t for the fact that it lacks a wireless feature. I mean, even Logitech decided to name it the G600 MMO so it couldn’t be more fitting. Upon further research on it though, I realized that it weighs a ton at 0.3 pounds.

This is significant considering the fact that most Razer mice, which I had gotten used to, only weighed a mere 0.2 pounds or perhaps slightly more. Plus, I want my mouse to be as light as possible so that flicking the cursor quickly around for my FPS games will be easier. It’s also not really that cheap at $80.


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